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October 12, 2007



Complain to your device makers, not Microsoft.

Michael K. Campbell


Re-read the post instead of whipping out the knee-jerk reaction of "Vista problems are really hardware vendor problems not MS problems".

First of all: my scanner issue has nothing to do with the drivers (as far as I can tell). It has everything to do with an OS that simply won't let me add a scanner unless it's plugged in via a USB cable. And if this was some high-end, extravagent scanner - then fine, I guess that would make sense. But visit any office supply store, all of the 'all in one' printers now include scanners. And they're increasingly coming as network-attached devices instead of USB-attached-and-shared devices.

That, and blaming hardware vendors for Vista's poor start only goes so far. MS drug their feet so long getting the damn thing to a point where they could ship it (by removing 95% of the stuff that they promised would be in it), then rammed it through the final beta cycles so quickly that hardware vendors really didn't have a chance to make and test solid drivers.

That, and you can bet I've already given HP an ear-ful ;)

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