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December 01, 2007



I don't get it, though. The computer _can_ run Vista, right? Just not the gee-whiz-bang-bells-and-whistles version. But it can run. So it is very much "Vista Capable".

Another pointless lawsuit that could be defeated with common sense (and people educating themselves.) Of course you'll need a fast computer to take full advantage of an OS. Of course you'll need a good video card to get decent 3D in an OS. Etc.

Michael K. Campbell

That's just the point: these people could have educated themselves to avoid being 'snookered'. But 1) MS was actually trying to snooker people (vista without the possibility of aero glass is just a cruel hoax - hell, even with it, it's not that big of an upgrade) and 2) they've trained too many end-users that 'MS has their back' by dumbing down so many computing-related concepts.

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