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March 11, 2004


Daniel Joubert

The problem that I am facing is that I also need to know the detail of the query or name (and parameters) of the stored procedure. I also need to know the averages of the query cpu. The CPU column only gives the CPU time and not the CPU utilisation, we have a database server with 200 users.

Michael K. Campbell

What you want is a SQL Server Profiler Trace. Start | Programs | SQL Server | Profiler. Then just create a new trace. Tracing is a powerful way to capture ALL (or selected) activity on your server. You can then output the trace details to a file (which can be loaded into a table), or directly into a table. Once in table form, you can slice and dice data as you need. It's very handy for aggregating data and figuring out which transactions are your most expensive.

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