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November 25, 2004



I have to admit, it didn't freakin' seem obvious to me either. I found your page did what you said...and now it WORKS. What a minor detail. Thanks for your comment. Larry


I found this page after a good deal of searching. I attempted your solution, but I still get an error in loadtasks: One or more of the types in the assembly unable to load. I am trying to use 0.85-rc1, so maybe that part isn't ready for primetime. Trouble is, I need NAnt 0.85-rc1. I suppose I could try mixing versions for grins just to prove that it doesn't work either.

Michael K. Campbell

Hmmm. Yeah, my hunch is that you're screwed and have to go through all the evil of compiling 8.51-rc1 into the bits yourself.... my 'solution' was around just how to get a 'normal'/full-released version to work. (problem is... getting the pig to build just never seemed to work for me.) I'm surprised it can't find the correct assemblies. I can't remember the exact rules for the .NET fusion assembly loader... but I would have thought that .851 would easily be seen as a compatable version with 8.5 (it's supposed to allow small 'upgrades' inside assemblies -- unless .851 somehow breaks existing interfaces?).

Stephan Wissel

Worked for me: Rebuilt nant on 1.1 Framework, Rebuild contrib. Delete the CollectionGen.dll from the bin directory and then copy the stuff into nant\bin\tasks\net (you need to create \tasks\net manually). ;-) stw

Michael K. Campbell

Awesome! Thanks Stephan -- you rule! (Who would have thought that getting NantContrib to work would have been such a pain?)

Stephan Wissel

@Matt It looks like a problem with NANT rather than contrib. My guess from the mailing list is: if you don't have Framework 1.0 you need to build NANT from source and then contrib. I'll try that 2night. :-) stw


Another way: 1. Install NAnt and NAntContrib into their own separate directories. 2. Store pathing to NAntContrib/bin dir into a property, say ${nantcontrib-bindir}. 3. Call loadtasks assembly=${nantcontrib-bindir}/NAnt.Contrib.Tasks.dll/ This approach has worked for me on NAnt-85rc1 to rc3 on .NET1.1 and Mono. Caveat: I've always used matching NAnt and NAntContrib versions.

Dave Amphlett

or even more explicitly: property name=nantcontrib value=C:\Program Files\nantcontrib-0.85-rc3\bin overwrite=false / target name=get description=get the latest version from sourcesafe loadtasks assembly=${path::combine(nantcontrib, 'NAnt.Contrib.Tasks.dll')} / vssget localpath=. etc. etc.


I'm also trying to get this working, no joy yet :(

Tried copying contents of the nantcontrib bin release into nant folder, and also tried the method above (tho i dont 100% know what i'm doing ...)

I'm using .Net 2.0 , will that make a difference?>>?

I just want slingshot to help me create a build file for a website solution.



Man, you are a life saver! Thanks for sharing with us how to get the 'extra goodness'!


They should have maybe included an nant build task to copy the files to the right place.

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