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November 27, 2004



Agreed, my brother-inlaw has the same problem. Valve has your money, and they're not worried about getting a piddling $10 more when there are so many other sheep to fleece at a higher price. Steam[ing] piles of Valveshite...


I just hate the morons because after playing DOD for years I suddenly go to start up STEAM(ing pile of sh*t) and I get a new spiffy prompt to login and of course, after all these years of not needing to know my password I forget it, and the email account I used when creating my account no longer exists because I've moved out of state since then, so therefore I can no longer play DOD because it says if I create a new account when I already have an existing account he gam,es I currenbtly have in steam will only be accessible via the old account. How retarded is that.

Bye Bye steam. Can you say Uninstall and never use you again? Morons.

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