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July 23, 2005


Jamie Thingelstad

Excitedly waiting for 2.2 or 3.0, whatever comes next. ReverseDOS does exactly what we need to stop the evil doers in their tracks!

Jamie Thingelstad

Thanks for the update! Looking forward to getting my grubby hands on 2.8! Couple of comments: * The machines I'm running my web sites on are way (way!) overpowered for their usage and I just looked at my Cacti and MRTG graphs of CPU usage and there were no increases when I had ReverseDOS 2.1 installed. Just pointing this out as I was getting 403's without the CPU being pegged or ASP.Net getting hammered. * If IIS handles 500's so much better, maybe use them instead? Does it change that much the behavior on the other side? Maybe give the user the option?

Michael K. Campbell

Jamie, Thanks for hanging in there. Good to hear about the power of your box, AND the impact (none) that ReverseDOS had on performance. I'm pretty sure that the 403s on the 2.1 version were GRATUITOUS g. My lament here is that they're going to be hard to test against. Oh, and ReverseDOS
AUTHOR: Michael K. Campbell
TITLE: ReverseDOS 2.1 Broken
STATUS: Publish
CATEGORY: AngryPets Tools

DATE: 07/18/2005 12:29:00 AM

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