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July 15, 2005


Jamie Thingelstad

I installed 2.1 on my websites and it worked fine initially, but two problems made me remove it. 1) If I tried to create a post on my blog (.Text 0.95) that contained more hyperlinks than the number specified in the config, it would deny me with a 403. 2) For some unknown reason, my website started returning 403 to requests for the front page from a standard, generic browser simply doing a request from my laptop.

Michael K. Campbell

Jamie, Thanks for the feedback about 2.1. I too have bumped into the posting issue and will be releasing a fix this week. (I'm going to allow users to create/config a list of trusted ip addresses.) As a temporary fix you can just increase the matchCount for urls to something like 10 -- or just comment that filter out. If you have ANY information on that other problem (log files, etc. ) please forward it on to me so I can evaluate it. I did extensive testing prior to release and also have ReverseDOS 2.1 working perfectly on my site (a different environment than my testing environment) where it has served up over a few thousand pages with no problems.

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