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August 15, 2005


Hassan Voyeau

You can change the default font for Word by going to Format, Font, Default.

Michael K. Campbell

Hey Hassan, Thanks for the pointer. That works and all, but I frequently do some docs in Tahoma, others in Verdana, and many in Arial. It just KILLS me that hitting a carriage return in a document can shift my font... Frankly, the product sucks and only a lack of solid competition keeps it alive. Don't get me wrong, I'm a TOTAL MS Fanboy, but if you were to try and make the argument that MS doesn't innovate, Word would be the poster child - it's so backward compatible and bloated that it's hardly a productivity enhancer. For example, I LOVE that you set page format settings by going to Page | Setup (shouldn't that be in the Format menu?). Or that in order to format you headers/footers you have to look in the view menu... ? That's not innovation. That MS fearing to break with the past and confuse customers who've grown accustomed to where certain things are. But if we're NOT going to change anything, what's the point of making new versions every 2-3 years. /rant

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