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November 04, 2005


Ayende Rahien

The one thing that I really want is to be able to subscribe to some black list that would //kill// a lot of the spam traffic without me being involved.
I get 100s of referals a day that hits my site just thinking that they would get a referal link.
And I really don't have the paitaince to put them all in. Especially as they keep changing.

Michael K. Campbell

Yeah, at one point in time I was going to hook ReverseDOS into the MT Blacklist - but it looks like the blacklist has effectively stopped being maintained/offered.

I've thought about starting my own - but I'm not sure i can commit to maintaining such a beast...


Awesome, thanks Mike! This is one feature I was waiting for!

Implementing a black list of some kind -- although cool -- is not a trivial task. One possible idea is to have an option to pull a spammer.config from a location -- kind of like a virus definition file that gets updated every 30 days or so. Likely overkill for the purpose, as nothing will be a 100% solution. It's nice to just take chinks out of spammers and it does this quite well.

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