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November 15, 2005


Darrell R.

I had the same experience with Xdrive--a bad one. I dropped the service. I'm now using ShadowStorage amd am really happy with the availability (no down time) and reliability. The uploads and downloads are fast and reliable. While it doesn't have local software to install to map your drive, the web-based upload interface is awesome. The optional toll-free fax service is superb. I highly recommend their service. Try it out. http://www.shadowstorage.com

Dan Webb

I've heard of a few problems with Xdrive. Here's one that sounds really bad but I haven't been able to verify:


The internet has shorter memory than people think.

I'm biased, though... I'm starting my own online storage business. Although the focus is a bit different (I mail the storage contents on DVD or CD), I suppose they are a competitor.


Do you still use XDrive? I just subscribed today and I can't even log in (and I went for the service at $9.95 a month). You would think that they might make an extra special effort for newcomers!

If you are not using XDrive, have you found a better service provider elsewhere?


Michael K. Campbell

Nope, haven't found anything out there that is a suitable replacement. Box.net has a great feature set and some decent services, but they still don't let you 'simulate' a drive that you can just connect to.

I believe, however, that Amazon.com provides some killer backup APIs/interfaces, and a bunch of companies have been 'reselling' backup space from Amazon. Go root-around on Amazon.com's webservices 'pages' and see if you can find anything decent would be my only pointer/advice (sadly).


I opened an XDrive account back in Feb of 06 on a "trial" where you had to put in your CC# first and they only billed you if you kept it past 30 days, or something similar.

I used it three weeks, found that I really did not need it and called to cancel it - it took forever on the phone but they canceled it. Before I hung up I confirmed it was canceled and I would not be billed, not once but twice.

In July 06, I return from 120 days of being overseas and I find they are charging me! I call and complain and it takes me well over an hour on the phone, escalating from the first guy to his supervisor, then to the next supervisor. They will only refund me a maximum of three months service ($30) because I "did not cancel on time".

"Bullsh!t," say I, "I have the conf number and it is XXXXXXXXXXXXX."

They reply, "We are sorry but that confirmation number is not recognized by our system thus it is invalid. However, we will do you a FAVOR and refund the last three months."

After 30 minutes of arguing, I end up settling for that.

Fast forward to this summer.

I return from another, much longer trip to someplace hot and sandy and what do I find when I'm going thru 12 months worth of mail?

07/02/2007 XDRIVE.COM 703-433-0141 CA

"WTF?" say I.

So I call them on 5 July and go thru this loooong drawn out ordeal with two people who seem to have flunked ESL.

During the two hours on the phone and much talk on their ends about "let me set your expectations" and other CSR distractions such as "let me put you on hold so I can check and see what I can do to help you"...

I finally told the guy to never say that to me again because I'd be setting my own expectations - and my expectation is that they credit my account for the full balance for the entire time they have been charging me.

I escalated thru 4 people this time and got only 5 months of what was probably over a year of charges out of them and yet another confirmation that it was indeed and for certain, canceled.

Guess what shows on this months bill.

07/11/2007 TWX*Xdrive by AOL 0707 866-GOXDRIV NY

07/11/2007 XDRIVE.COM 703-433-0141 CA

08/11/2007 TWX*Xdrive by AOL 0807 866-GOXDRIV NY

Sure - they issued the refund alright.

But then the little bast*rds continued to bill me under a slightly different name with a different contact number.

So now instead of "XDRIVE.COM 703-433-0141 CA" it is "TWX*Xdrive by AOL 0807 866-GOXDRIV NY".

Finally I get my banks credit card department involved - which I probably should have in the beginning.

While we are on a three way call with someone at XDrive, I semi-politely explain to her that no only do I know they have an "F" rating with the BBB but I am going to complain to the states attorney generals office but also talk to my JAG office to see what they can do about getting AOL/XDrive put on the "banned/barred" list and also tell as many people as I can where ever I go.

I think I may have made the poor girl cry.

So sorry, but the is way past the point of polite.

It's even past the point where some people just could possibly be pissed enough to come and burn your shiny corporate headquarters down... theoretically... in a movie or something... maybe.

So they refund me another $120 on top of the $49.75 they refunded me last month as well as the $30 they refunded me last summer.

Yes. Thats right.

The AOL/XDrive CSR read back to me and confirmed it, not once, but TWICE that this was going to be the third time I've canceled this account and thus the third refund!

AOL/XDrive will try to screw with you to keep their money.

If you have to deal with them you need to get your bank and CC involved and you need to threaten legal action, (my brother in law is a lawyer and he is a nasty bloodsucking litigator, etc...) and I'm going to complain to every government official I can reach.... etc etc etc...

Cancel it and then double check your bills to be sure that it actually got canceled and THEN double check to see that they did not double bill you on some months like they did to me!

Good luck.

PS: Where in the h*ll are the good class action lawyers when you need them???

Jonathan Branch

Do not use XDRIVE! Every since AOL bought the company, their service has been awful. Here is an email I sent them today...

Subject: XDRIVE Escalations Team

Dear Sirs,

I am still trying to get a final resolution for my account. Today I talked with ####. He confirmed that you have found no resolution for my account and that you have not yet been able to retrieve my data. So far, #### has been the only person to give me a real answer.
As I have stated in a previous email, I only want to retrieve my data - by whatever means (on a CD, etc). I don't care whether I can access the data on the Xdrive site.

I would like, either to get my data or an official admission that it has been lost.

Every since AOL took over Xdrive, your service has been deplorable. In good faith, I entrusted you with my data and dutifully paid your fees. I believe that I deserve better than this.

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