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January 20, 2006


Carson McComas

Oh you just picked my scab. This one just drives me out of my mind. How stupid is MS to completely RUIN the beauty of the app blocks by "enterprising" them to the point where no one but the most devoted koolaid drinker can use them. This is one of the most mind numbing developer-oriented hatchet jobs they've done (right up there with 347 diff licenses for VS).

BTW - all the "configuration" crap you're carping about is because now, the previously beautiful DAAB is DEPENDENT on the stupid config block. How completely SCREWED up is that? It goes deeper than that, I didn't get any further before I burned the old DAAB to a CD and put it in a safety deposit box. At least we have that. And honestly, the config block is the spawn of the devil too. How can they possibly bring such a complex and debauched solution to such a simple need. I hate them for this move.

Dave Murdock

I just ran into this issue the other day. A small app I am reviewing with my company has hand-crafted data access code, and I think WTF, where is SqlHelper.vb (or .cs if your prefer)?

I had looked at EntLib 1.0 when if first came out and my reaction was also what happened to the DAAB? I hadn't looked back since. So I Googled this time to see what was up with EntLib, downloaded the bits, and thought my eyes were going to bleed revisting the complexity. I found the old DAAB downlaod and plugged that into the project. Fit like a glove, replaced all the data access code with DAAB calls in day or so, trimmed hundreds of lines out.

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