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June 14, 2006


Chris Frazier


kendrick arnett

From what I can tell, it's actually somewhat clever. I've seen messages like this a few times, and what I gather is that the spammer is trying to overload Bayesian filters with all the gibberish.

Michael K. Campbell

Yeah, this piglet TOTALLY got past my filters. Which is what made me take note of it.

My beef is that they had my attention - and did nothing with it. (Not that I'm advocating better spam mind you... just noting the EXTRAORDINARY effort they put in to assembling a message, and slipping it past my defences, only to forget the payload. )

I'm reminded of Sir Bedevere: "Well, we could build a giant wombat.." (after the Trojan Rabbit worked so well... but they forgot to put anyone in it).

But yeah... all that goop totally got past my filters...

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