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August 24, 2006



The *only* way I'd upgrade to Vista at this point would be because it came with a new PC and I didn't have a choice. I really see nothing compelling for me to upgrade. Except, perhaps, IIS? Is that new?

Michael K. Campbell

I think Vista's pretty cool overall. Just entirely too little, entirely too late. I'll switch to it ... just for some of the improvements - and because I'm such a nerd.

But I'm bummed that MS has put such an emphasis on making hollywood happy this go 'round. I mean... I saw that digital downloads of TV/Movies is expected to be a $40 billion (am I remembering that right) market in 5-10 years... so I guess I see where they're going - I just wish the focus was on providing ME with a good platform for that, not so much on making sure that the OS is soooooo locked-down-tight that even my VIRUSES can't overcome copy protection.


Michael Carr

Is Microsoft seriously under the illusion that the same "unsigned malware" won't be available for the 64-bit OS about 5 minutes after Vista is released (or maybe before)? Seems like somebody is seriously underestimating the hackers...

James Simmonds

HD playback on 32bit will be possible after all (just not out of the box) although I take your point about who is actually steering the Vista juggernaut...


Eric Bowen

I've been running Windows 2003 Server as my primary desktop OS ever since it went into beta, and I don't see any compelling reason to switch (except maybe to Mac OSX or SUSE :-)...


1. That's foolish subjectivity. Should I hate OS X because it took me until last year to save enough money to buy a Mac or because I had been told it would wash my car and it's merely a solid OS? Timing and hype are subjective, esoteric criteria. Maybe that's the kind of person you are.

2. This is the same gripe as I thought I was getting a pony and all I got was a Power Ranger in #1. If we follow your whining to its illogical conclusion they should have included flawed or ill-conceived, albeit ambitious, feature sets and taken longer to ship or done so with even higher bug counts. Cutting features to meat the other legs of the triangle should be second nature to anyone, I find it hard to believe you're actually a software developer.

3. Now we have an objective complaint. Excellent. Except it's wrong. Your kneejerk reaction to yesterday's news makes you no less of a chicken-sans-head than you accuse MSFT of being.

Vista is a debacle, hopefully they'll keep grinding away, being pragmatic and ship something that's not WinME. At that point they can chart the future.

In the meantime, at least come up with a more analytical take of why the product and direction are off (they are, I agree there, I just find fault with your hand-wavey rationale).

Michael K. Campbell


Remember, I'm just ranting here. So if you were looking for a cunningly devised, in-depth, technical treatise on why Vista is teh sux0r sorry to dissapoint. (cuz frankly, a) I don't HATE Vista (it's just too little too late - but still better than XP), and b) I'm just ranting (maybe you've heard of that - it's where somebody spouts off some thoughts??)


1. MS is the one that promised a REVOLUTION. Any geek that takes Vista for a spin will feel the same way I do: that the _visible_ functionality _feels_ like nothing more than a service pack that could have been put in place 3 years ago; hardly a revolution. They set the expectation, and frankly, failed to deliver. That's a strike in my book.

2. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that MS over-promised on Vista functionality and has been dropping feature after feature (with slipped date after slipped date). What's left is hardly the revolution they promised.
And I do take exception to your snotty crack on my developer chops. Tell you what: promise a client a fire-breating dragon that destroys enemies and shoots golden coins out of its ass and then deliver a sling-shot and some round rocks 4 years later, and let's see how far you get as an 'actual software developer.' Real developers know that managing customer expectations is one of the MAJOR aspects of survival. MS dropped the ball here.

3. Fair enough. (The site is called 'AngryPets' after all - so a headless chicken seems to work... though I'm not sure it would make a good pet... )


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