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September 05, 2006



In XP, how do you change the location of your Desktop? I tried playing around with the Environment Variables, but that didn't seem to affect what folder I look at when I look at my desktop.

Michael K. Campbell

You have to use TweakUI to be able to do it - and Tweak UI also lets you move around your other 'special' folders as well. (You'll need to log out/log back in after making any changes in order for them to be reflected).

What we NEEEEED (desperately) is a tweak-ui (on steroids) for Vista.

Ed Gummett

You could use tweakUI, or you just just go into windows explorer and drag-drop (or 'move') the relevent folder. Works for my docs, my pics, desktop, etc etc. Worth logging off/on afterwards tho...

Shame about vista too - i'll give it a miss for a while longer...


I totally agree with you....buggy or no support for VPC or Vitural Server...killed it for me. I need one of them badly for my consulting gig.

I do know that VPC 2007 is going to come out with Vista so maybe then. I am sure Nero will patch or force you to upgrade to a new version.

Turn off UAC...which I did after 15min of that bs...but then their goes your security. Back to XP for me as well.


Sounds like you need to migrate to Linux. Of course, there is no Virtual PC for Linux, and you make $$ using MS products, but still--nearly everything you mentioned works just fine on Ubuntu, with a super slick, absolutely no bloat, no lag, interface.

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