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November 15, 2006



Keep in mind, Israel killed 10 times as many people as Hezbollah did. And half of Hezbollah's victims were military. Of course, Israel also keeps military assets near civilian areas.

You might want to get informed one of these days. Start with Jonathan Cook, a British Jew living in Israel.


Michael K. Campbell

And let's not forget that Hezbollah started the whole damn thing by crossing an internally established border, killing troops, and kidnapping others, while launching scads of rockets day and night against civilians.

Likewise, let's not forget that the UN has had 2 or 3 directives aimed at getting Hezbollah to release it's claim on Lebanon, nor that they're murderous thugs who just don't GIVE a crap about human life.

See, we could go on an on... battling tit for tat over 'details'.

That, however was not my intention in making this post. What I object to is the demonization of Jews - which seems to go completely unchecked by the rest of the world at large. It happened before, it's happening again. Nobody seems to give a crap. Will it really take another kristalnacht? another Shoah? If so, to HELL with humanity.

I'm NOT saying "let's give Israel carte-blanche" here. But she is a soveriegn nation (like it or not), and she does have the right to protect her citizens, borders, and assets. She's also gone OUT of her way to minimize civilian casualties (or at least claim to do so if you're some sort of extremely cynical/paranoid nut-job) while Hezbollah has made it their SOLE focus to kill as many civilians as possible. Yet the world heaps scorn on Israel, and falls prey to demonization schemes left and right.

If Hizbollah had the arms and resources that Israel has, there's no DOUBT they'd do everything in their power to push as many civilians and innocents as possible in to the sea (hey, baby jews grow up to be jews with guns - part of the occupation, so kill them all). So honestly, screw Hezbollah; they're murderous, terrorist, bastards who really don't make life on this planet one damn bit better for anyone.

If you want to take issue with Israel, it's creation, or even its existence, fine - I don't have a problem with that (though I might disagree in some points). But don't cite numbers making Hezbollah look legit. That's just assinine.

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