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November 21, 2006



I think even more useful for us than VirtualPathProvider support would be the ability to use RDOS as a library, so we could call its methods as part of our own comment filtering pipeline.

Looking forward to trying it out.

Chris Larson

I'm glad that you're working on rDOS 3.1 - I have a question about the version that you have currently released, however... I installed the plug-in as given on your web site (I made no configuration changes). When I enter a word that is forbidden, I get this error:

XML Parsing Error: no element found
Line Number 1, Column 1: ^

I thought that I was supposed to return a 403? Does this indicate a problem with the install? I tried to find troubleshooting docs, but didn't see any here.

Michael K. Campbell


That 'result' looks a bit spooky, but is a FireFox issue. Try the same query/page/request in IE - you'll just get a blank page.

Apparently FF just chokes if there isn't some sort of markup to parse. But if you check the headers/etc... you'll see that we're throwing a perfectly valid HTTP 403.

Chris Larson

Fair enough. Thanks for the heads up.

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