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January 11, 2007


Bill Graziano

After looking at their web site the cheapest price is is $12/month. I wonder if you're using an older plan that they don't offer any more.

Michael K. Campbell

Yeah... I must be grand-fathered in. Too bad. They still provide a great service - but the best thing about them (other than being 100% dependable) was their killer pricing...

J Goodfellow

Send2Fax was bought in January 2007 by a California company. There are problems. Be careful. Look at others, like RapidFax.


Internet faxing really is a lifesaver. You save so much money when you dont have to buy expensive thermal fax paper. I used to use send2fax however I started getting alot of problems, faxes were not going through. I recently found skax which has low rates and does not have monthly charges. so far it has worked well. the site is www.skax.net

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