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February 15, 2007



You miserable sap! You probably won't believe this, but I got tagged earlier and started writing up a post, and you were one of my tags. I never published it. Dang it. :)

Keyvan Nayyeri


Ali's last name is Parvaresh actually not Parvesh :-)

Michael K. Campbell

Grrr... I hate it when I spell names incorrectly.

I'll fix that.

Michael K. Campbell

Hey, speaking of Iran, etc... one of my all time favorite movies is actually an Iranian film: Children of Heaven. Have you seen that film? (assuming you even see this question...)

Keyvan Nayyeri

Yes Mike,

Yes, I've seen it. It's one of famous Persian movies from a famous director (Majid Majidi). He has some movies in this genre that are famous. Last year he came up with another famous movie named The Willow Tree and could win many awards.

Thanks :-)


Yes, you were insufferable... but not for very long.

James Shaw

Sorry mate, it was hard to track who got done. You must not have posted those few days it flew past me. :)

p.s. weirdo. that music is, yeah, BIZARR-O.

Michael K. Campbell

Brian and James,

Hey, no worries. I'd seen this meme floating around on the blogs a bit, and wasn't too interested in doing it.

Then I got to procrastinating and thought about how I could post some things - and act all indignant and 'un-loved'. I think it made the post more fun ;)

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