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February 02, 2007



Just a note on the 24 thing. A coworker had in on official DVD 4-5 days before it aired. His girlfriend works at Blockbuster and the employees get to "rent" the DVDs after they get them but before they're allowed to be put on shelves.

I do doubt that YouTube was the only place it got leaked. Fox was asking for it to release the DVDs of those episodes 2 days after it aired.

But I do agree, however, that there's now a huge can of worms ready to sue the heck out of Google now that they own YouTube.

Michael K. Campbell

Yeah - good point. YouTube is HARDLY the only source for pirated content out there.
That said, most other pirate-y distribution networks out there don't have a multi-billion dollar sugar-daddy bankrolling them (i.e. Google).

THE RIAA, of course, tried suing allofmp3.com... but we know that was a gesture only - they had no $$$. Google, on the other hand has oodles of $$$ - all located right here in the good ol US of A, where it could be seized.

The google chaps are obviously smart, but I really don't see how this story comes up with a happy ending at this point ;)

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