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April 10, 2007



This has happened to me using Passport for years now. It was worse when more 3rd party sites used it (eBay and the like). It seemed to happend the most when I was using Expedia; my wife would be signed into hotmail and I would try to sign into Expedia with a different ID and it wouldn't let me sign out.

I just open a new instance of IE (after closing the others), go back and do it again. Works every time for me.

Michael K. Campbell

Yeah, I was able to finally 'force' a log out by closing/restarting my browser (which just seems silly).

I guess it just floored me that the developers for 'Live ID' have managed to paint themselves into so much of a corner that pushing the 'Logout' button doesn't work. Just seems completely foreign to me (though I'm sure there's some very nasty, very complex, and probably even logical reason as to why). (I just hope I never end up coding or maintaining and application with that bit of 'functionality'.)

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