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May 03, 2007



You're an idiot.

It's a random number. Seriously.

You're saying that it's illegal to distribute a number.

You can't magically put in an HDDVD and enter this number, and make a copy. It's not part of a "device intended to dissemble" or disable encryption.

It's not proprietary code, it's not stolen, it's A RANDOM NUMBER. 156,786,114,312. That's some number I just made up too.

Michael K. Campbell


Morons like you are always going off about 'freedom' and the right to information. Usually while you're helping yourselves to someone else's hard work and effort.

I happen to abhor the DMCA - which is a law that protects intellectual property. To an extreme measure. But part of the problem is that laws like that one get passed to protect against thieves like you.

So... in the end, all your 'bong toking' talks about freedom typically end up curtailing my rights. If there weren't such rampant digital theft, I tend to wonder whether there would be so many _idiotic_ laws like the DMCA.

But, regardless: the law exists. So you're the moron. Distributing a bunch of numbers IS illegal you idiot.

That said, your SSN and CC# are just some numbers. Let's publish those. To my knowledge there's NO LAW against publishing your credit card number.

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