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November 07, 2007


James Byrd

What's sad to me is the way it became un-American to question these policies. I believe the tide of opinion is starting to turn the other way now, but that is only because people have had time for the memories of 9/11 to fade. While we were in a collective state of fear/panic, we were all too willing to give up the rights we've fought many bloody wars to protect.

I personally think the correct response to the threat of terrorism is anger, not fear. Fear is the goal of terrorism, so the terrorists basically won the last round. With that success, I'm sure they'll eventually be back, and everyone will cower once again.

Having said all that, I do see the need for us to protect our national transportation and communication infrastructures. But how far do you go with that? Asking people to "produce papers" at every "check point" seems like the behavior of a totalitarian government, not a democratic one.

I know it's just a dream, but I'd like to see the aggressive hunting down of actual terrorists, not the ineffective harrassment of American citizens. I'd also like to see methods of protecting our country that take full advantage of the incredible technology we have available with minimal impact on the innocent. Like I said. It's just a dream.

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