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July 30, 2008


Scott Mitchell

The site looks great, Mike. But why no RSS feed so that I can keep abreast of new videos as they are published?


Michael K. Campbell


Thanks for the comments/compliments.
Sadly, there IS an RSS feed - but it's only listed on the Updates Site. (http://updates.sqlservervideos.com - where the 'blog' for the site is located.)

I actually just forgot to put that on the rest of the site though - so thanks for the great feedback.

Scott Mitchell

Another suggestion: refer to the RSS feed via a link tag from every page. (I tried to paste in an example into my comment here, but got an error...)

I have an "Add to Google Reader" button in my browser's Toolbar, but when I click it for SSV it says there's no feed.

Michael K. Campbell

Ahhhhh. Never even thought of that cuz I don't use that approach. Great suggestion though - thanks. (The change will go out as part of my next push into production...)

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